I offer different standard services with established rates with which you can renew your photographic book as well as create personal or brand content.

SEASON 2022 / 23


Standard Solo Photo Shooting

1,5 - 2 Hours
1 Location - Up to 4 looks
10 final edits, client chooses
Additional edits 20 Euros / Photo

400 Euros

Standard Lifestyle shoot

1,5 - 2 Hours
1 Location - Up to 4 looks
50 lifestyle edits, client chooses
Final edits 20 Euros / Photo

350 Euros

Couple Photo Shoot

1,5 - 2 Hours
1 Location
Minimum of 100 lifestyle edited photos

450 Euros


Day Rate

6 - 8 hours
Multiple Locations
A wide selection of photos is delivered at the discretion of the photographer

950 Euros / 1000 USD / 20.000 MXN

Brand Standard Photo Shoot

2 - 3 Hours
1 Location - Up to 8 looks
10 final edits + 25 lifestyle edits
Additional edits 20 Euros / Photo

500 Euros / 550 USD / 11.000 MXN

Brand Lifestyle Shoot

2 - 3 Hours
1 Location - Up to 8 looks - 2 Models Max
50 lifestyle edits
Final edits 20 Euros / Photo

500 Euros / 550 USD / 11.000 MXN


What is the difference between a lifestyle edition and a final edition?

I mean final edits when I completely retouch the skin in photoshop and modify whatever is needed in a photograph. However, I am talking about lifestyle editions when the photograph is edited only in tones and color without altering absolutely anything in it.

How do i book a Photo Shooting with you?

To save your date you need to deposit 50% in advance via bank or cash in person if we are in the same place. The remaining balance need to be paid the day of the photo shooting. I do not accept Paypal, Zelle or any other methods which don´t deposit the money directly in my bank.

What happen if i need to reschedule the day of the Photo shooting?

The booking is not refundable under any circumstance because in the moment you book me i will be rejecting other clients in the same date. If i am available any other day and you are flexible to do the photo shoot any other day i can is no problem but keep in mind that in hight season dates are highly demanded.

Which are the delivery times?

For the lifestyle sessions you will receive the photos within 7-9 working days. The final editions require more time so that in high season the delivery time can be up to 14 working days.