Photography Services Terms

All my Photo shootings are subject to the following general conditions:

1.- Although I have a defined style, all the photo sessions are different. The client accepts that it is impossible to demand a  identical photo shooting to another or demand copies of previous photographs.

2.- The client accepts that the day of the photo session for some reasons external to me may lead to a different type of photography than expected due to environmental causes (rain, wind, cloudy days or excessive sun). In no case will these phenomena be a reason for canceling the session, within reason.

3.- Once the photo session is done. During the selection process, the client will have access to a private online gallery of previews to choose the photographs that they want to be edited. These previews will have a watermark and may not be used, published or sent to third parties under any circumstances.

4 – Once the photographs to be edited have been chosen. All the images delivered will be already finished with my characteristic style, already having its retouching, tones and final colors. In no case is it an à la carte edition where the client tells the photographer how to edit a photograph.

5 –The photographs are delivered for the private and personal use of the client as well as for their public self-promotion on social networks or web pages, always mentioning the author.

6 – For any publication, whether on social networks, web pages, or any other public medium, the modification of the photographs by the client is strictly prohibited, either through the use of filters or phone apps to change the face or modify parts of the picture. A professional job is being hired, so you will understand that if you publish a photograph of me with any filter that you like, it may mislead other people who see it, think that I have done this retouching and therefore do not hire me.

7 – The photo session is delivered in a private online gallery, you will receive a private link with a password in your email or phone, as you prefer, where you can access to download your photos in maximum quality. Please download them. I will give you the private cloud service for 4 months at no cost so you can access your photos from anywhere with the link you receive and its corresponding password.

8 – IMPORTANT: After 4 months I do not promise to save any photos of the session in the cloud and I am not responsible for the possible loss of files on any of my physical supports. You can extend the private cloud service for €30 per year. After 4 months from the delivery, if you lose the photographs and I have to go back to look for them to send them to you, this will cost €50. If you lose the link and the password I sent you and I have to go to the computer to make a new one, this will cost €25 with no exceptions. I have had to take these measures because over the years and the number of clients I have, I am tired of wasting time trying to resend or upload files because people lose them, some on more than 2 or 3 occasions.