It is important that you be clear about the style of photography you are looking for and if what I do is what you want. All photographers do things in different ways, there are those who take very bright photos, there are those who use very muted colors or just the opposite. When you work with me you are working with a photographer who has a clearly defined and marked style. Both in fashion photography and in the weddings that i do, my images are of warm tones, orange skin and somewhat dark images on many occasions.

If you like the photographs that you can see on my website and on my social networks, you should like the photos we take together. This is something that you should be very clear about since I never change the way I work nor am I going to do things the way others do. It is important that you keep in mind that although I always seek the satisfaction of my clients, I do the color editing under my own criteria since it is my photographic style.

All images are delivered already finished with the correct final tones and colors defined by me. I never deliver raw files and my photos can’t be altered by anyone other than me under any circumstances. All photography is subject to copyright and although it seems obvious that if you hire a photographer you cannot modify the photographs without his consent, even having paid for them, for many people it is not so much that is why I emphasize it: You cannot use filters or applications of mobile on my images if you intend to publish them.

If you have doubts, let’s talk! I will be happy to assist you.